2016-10-02 The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula IC 1396

20160924_ic1396_2-3I previously imaged this deep space target back in the summer of 2015.  I was using a modified DSLR camera with a camera lens on a basic tracking mount, and not a whole lot of knowledge on what exactly I was doing.  At the time I was quite pleased with the result, although my interpretation of this target was not nearly as appealing as many of the other image I have seen.  This summer I decided that I wanted to upgrade my imaging equipment.  DSLR cameras capture all three color channels (red, green, and blue) at the same time, and give the photographer very little choice over which types of signal he or she wishes to collect.  DSLR cameras are also inherently inefficient at collecting the faint signals that dominate much of the night sky.  After all, (more…)

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