2016-07-30 The Great North Woods

20160719169-2Every year I do my best to find the time to get to Northern Maine.  For me, it has almost become a pilgrimage, and I look forward to this annual trip as a way to get off the grid and ironically, recharge.  I find that I am most at peace when I can get away from it all and be close to nature.  Where I go there are no cell phones, texts or emails, or anything resembling a meeting or appointment… unless you consider a sunrise rendezvous with a moose to be a meeting.  This year I planned six nights in Northern Maine (with my father in-law Lee Cordner and good friend Jim Borden), with four of these nights totally off the grid, however a family emergency drew me home after only half of the trip.  Although my visit was short and sweet, I did have two days to enjoy the wilderness, and for that I am thankful. (more…)

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